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Eltek Flatpack2 SHE Rectifier Efficiency

Cooler and greener than the Flatpack2 HE predecessors, the SHE allows you to reduce your cost of ownership and maintain a lighter environmental footprint. The Flatpack2 SHE’s predecessor, the high efficiency Flatpack2 HE (released in 2008), was considered a revolution in power conversion with a 96.5 % efficiency. It is estimated that the 2.7 million […]

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New DPR6000B Rectifier Eltek EcoTower Scalable DC Power System

RICHARDSON, TX — Eltek, a Delta Group Company, has announced the new DPR6000B rectifier product line, designed for Eltek’s EcoTower and Scalable DC Power System. Both of these systems are popular in central office, cable multisystem operator (MSO), mobile telephone switching office and data center applications. The DPR6000B rectifiers are three-phase, 125A, 48V rectifiers that […]

Eltek Finalizes Line High Efficiency Rectifiers Popular Compact DC Power System

For those interested in Eltek DC power, the following is a press release from Eltek concerning their line of high efficiency rectifiers and the Compact DC Power System available from Diversitec. Compact DC Power System Popular product for wireless, enterprise and broadband applications now features a complete line of rectifiers boasting an industry-standard 96 percent […]

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Rectifier Inverter Combined Eltek Rectiverter

There are several options for DC power configurations. One to consider is the Eltek rectiverter, which combines the functions of a rectifier and an inverter. It eliminates the need for a static transfer switch. The Rectiverter provides both AC and DC power with a total load of up to 2000W per module during normal operation. It […]

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AC DC Power Supply Market Opportunities Forecast

A report has been published that covers the AC DC Power Supply market. The report provides insights that enable stakeholders, business owners and field marketing executives to make effective investment decisions driven by the research developed for the study. It aims at analyzing and delivering actionable data on the competitive landscape to meet the requirements […]

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Eltek Rectiverter Product Range Expands

For telecom applications, Eltek continues to expand the range of systems built around the world’s first bidirectional power module. They are now providing more flexibility and options for a broad range of applications including complete systems for indoor and outdoor telecom applications. When a higher DC capacity is required for your operations, combining Rectifiers and […]

Diversitec, Premier DC Power Integrator for Eltek

Currently in the United States there are only five companies that have been designated as a premier  DC power integrator for Eltek, global leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion.  Diversitec is one of those five companies and is very proud to partner with such a distinguished brand in the DC power industry.  With […]

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When It Comes to DC Power, Diversitec Has You Covered

Providing the required and constant level of DC power to its load is the goal of a DC power supply. The use of electronic circuitry regulates a constant output voltage over a wide range of output loads.  Different applications will require different attributes and there are a number of different elements in power supplies that may […]