Eltek Power Systems

A world leader in providing DC Power Solutions, Eltek supports various technology solutions and there are literally hundreds of possible variations to meet your power system needs...

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Power & Batteries

Are you looking to add, expand, build, remove, replace or plan a power system? We can help you now with your power system; we have decades of experience with DC Power and Batteries...

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Client Services

The performance of your system is our top priority and our 25+ years in business have shaped the services we know work to achieve that important priority . . . since 1988.

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Becoming One of Your Best Business Partners is our Goal!

"Diversitec has aided my projects too many times to mention, from overnighting specialty
RF products, warehousing, and staging various formats of power and telecom equipment
configurations to advising on new product technology and it implementation.

They continue to be an invaluable resource to ATT and our projects."  
- Mark from AT&T Wireless

Total Customer Satisfaction

Servicing the Telecommunications & Data Transport industry since 1988

AC & DC Power

Complete power systems
Power system components
Batteries, cables, racks…

Battery System Solutions

Full range of batteries
Spill containment products
Cabling, interconnects...

Rack / Stack
and Integration

Complete power solutions
Full range - racks, cabinets
Built to your specs...

Engineering & Installation

System configuration services
24 / 7 engineering support
Onsite facilities…

New / Refurbished

Power System Components
Plugs & Cards
Hard-to find network parts...

Air Filters
and Replacements

Wide assortment of filters
Automated Filter Program
Customized solutions...

About | The Diversitec Family of Companies

Diversitec is the parent company for subsidiaries Edge MCS, LLC and Backhaul Engineering, LLC.
(Diversitec Overview brochure)

Edge Mission Critical SystemsEdge Mission Critical Systems (Edge MCS) is a privately held company based in Richmond, Virginia and a global OEM for the Binary Bunker and custom line of modular data centers. Edge MCS offers a totally engineered, PE-stamped modular data center specifically designed for edge network applications where customers require N+1 and N+2 redundancy, excellent power density and highly efficient cost of ownership. All Edge MCS modular data centers are made of rigid, lightweight concrete unmatched in durability and energy efficiency. They contain well-known & internationally available components supported by and available through, Edge MCS. (Edge MCS brochure)

Backhaul Engineering is a single-source wireless engineering services company with more than a decade of industry experience. The wireless industry counts on us to provide high-quality engineering, design, and support services. National and local clients value our experience in the areas of path engineering, spectrum management, interference mitigation and troubleshooting as well as our unmatched installation management services. Designs are correct the first time, every time; clients benefit from trouble-free operation and increased up time. (Backhaul Engineering brochure)