About Eagle Eye

Based in Milwaukee, WI Eagle Eye provides a multitude of services and products to help all of your power solution needs. They specialize in Load Banks, Portable Testers, and Battery Monitoring and provide many different kinds of products to fit all of your needs. Find out more about some of their different products below and make sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Battery Monitoring Systems

The Battery Monitoring Systems that Eagle Eye provides offers solutions to many of the key parameters that you will need including:

  • String voltage
  • Float current
  • Cell voltage
  • Cell resistance
  • Connection & terminal resistance
  • Negative post temperature
  • Ground fault
  • Ambient temperature
  • Optional: Electrolyte level

Vigilant Next-Gen Battery Monitoring System 
Battery Monitoring For NERC Compliance
Electrolyte Level
Ground Fault
Thermal Runaway

Load Banks

Load Banks are necessary for testing critical power systems. Eagle Eye provides high-end AC and DC load banks in order to test your power systems with optimal accuracy. The AC load banks come in models that are resistive, reactive, and combined resistive/reactive and offer a wide range of local and remote intelligent digital features. Their DC load banks come in constant models designed for battery-related applications and non-constant models made for testing supplies and other DC sources.

SLB-Series DC Load Banks
LB-Series Constant Current DC Load Banks
Non-Constant Current DC Load Banks
LB-Series Digital AC Portable Resistive Three Phase Load Banks
AC-LB-Rack Mount Server Load Banks
LB-Series AC Analog Load Banks
LB-1000 Battery Charger / Discharger / Activator


Portable Battery Testing

When you are working with DC power equipment a working battery is essential to a successful application. Eagle Eye produces industry-leading portable battery testers. These are necessary because you need to be a few steps ahead when it comes to battery failure to prevent any major problems and with Eagle Eye products you can be prepared for anything.

IBEX-Series Portable Battery Testers
IEEE / NERC Ultra Battery Testing Kit
DLV-Pro Data Logging Battery Voltmeter
DLV-Ultra Battery Testing Kit