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C&D Technologies
C&D Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in solutions and services for switchgear and control (Utility), telecommunications, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications. They are over 100 years old and provide a wide variety of flooded and VRLA batteries. C&D Technologies engineers. manufactures, sells, and services standby batteries for regulating and monitoring power flow and providing backup power in the event of primary power loss until the primary source can be restored. C&D Technologies is headquartered in Blue Bell, PA.

TEL Long Duration Series

C&D Technologies TEL Long Duration series batteries are designed to provide standby power to critical applications in the Telecom industry. The TEL series batteries have undergone extensive life cycle testing, including SR4228 compliance, to ensure the longest and most reliable service life possible.

  • VRLA Lead Acid AGM Battery
  • 30-202 amp capacity
  • 10+ years of life
  • works for indoor and outdoor controlled
  • Available in Top Terminal and patented True Front Access Terminal designs
  • Extended service life in elevated temperature applications

Top Terminal
Front Terminal


The TEL series True Front Access (TFA) batteries incorporate all of the same technology found in the proven TEL series Long Duration batteries, but are packaged in C&D’s unique, patented True Front Access container.

  • VRLA Lead Acid AGM Battery
  • 31 - 195 amp capacity
  • 12+ year design life
  • Indoor, Outdoor Controlled, Outdoor Uncontrolled operating environments
  • Extended service life in elevated temperature applications
  • Battery may be stored for up to 2 years at 77⁰F
  • reduced Maintenance Terminal Design