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Diversitec was originally part of International Fibercom a Nasdaq listed. Our founder and CEO Jerry (CJ) was a pioneer in the Asset Recovery & Critical spares support programs and developed the Diversitec division for IFCI. The 2002 telecom “turnaround” provided CJ the opportunity to purchase Diversitec that in the end was the only profitable division of IFCI. Shortly after Diversitec had the opportunity to provide DC power equipment and installation services to two major telecommunications companies, hence the DC power division was launched and today is a prime example of how a customer-centered solutions model perpetuates the growth and continued success of this division.

Over the last quarter of a century, through its commitment and dedication to solutions for its customers, Diversitec has continued to be the premier asset recovery, legacy spares support specialist. Our DC power product and service offerings continue to grow.

With subject matter experts on staff, we design, engineer, and provide turnkey DC power back-up solutions.

The company also maintains millions in secondary market inventory that is new, new old stock (NOS), repaired, or refurbished; we cover nearly 50 years of telecom equipment from hundreds of manufacturers. Diversitec is under multi-year contracts with customers such as Verizon, AT&T, Frontier, Level 3, and Lightower.

We integrate legacy equipment into modern communications infrastructure and replace worn out parts for some of the world’s largest telecom companies.

We serve the telecommunications, healthcare, technology, rail, education, utility, and emergency operations markets.

Experience the Diversitec Advantage

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  • Unparalleled service quality
  • Procurement expertise
  • Leading-edge technological resources
  • Strong buying power to keep our prices low
  • Customer service beyond expectations

Business Certifications & Customer Service Focus

  • ISO 9001-2000 Certified Business since 1995
  • TL9000 (FS31748) Certification
  • Certifications audited annually

Internal Management Systems, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Diversitec is committed to protecting human health & Safety, controlling risks to the environment, and exceeding customer requirements and expectations while utilizing resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

To support our commitment, all levels of our organization will work to:

  1. Maintain standards and specifications to meet or exceed all relevant environmental regulations, occupational health and safety regulations, customer requirements, legal requirements, and all other applicable requirements.
  2. Continuously improve processes to exceed customer expectations, environmental performance, health and safety performance, and the effectiveness of our management system activities.
  3. Remain steadfast with our commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health, the prevention of pollution, and the fulfillment of customer requirements as we set and review objectives and targets.
  4. Effectively communicate our health & safety, environmental, and quality commitment, performance, and policy to our employees, our stakeholders, and the public.

Internal Management Systems, Environmental, Health & Safety Objectives:

  1. Diversitec strives to meet or exceed all customer requirements, legal requirements, safety requirements, and all other applicable requirements
  2. Diversitec strives to prevent the release of any pollutant that may cause adverse effects on the environment.
  3.  Diversitec will reduce, and where possible eliminates, the environmental, health, and safety risks to our employees and the community in which we operate.

The Diversitec Family of Companies

Diversitec is the parent company for subsidiaries Edge MCS, LLC and Backhaul Engineering, LLC.

Edge Mission Critical Systems 

Edge Mission Critical Systems

(Edge MCS) is a privately held company based in Richmond, Virginia and a global OEM for the Binary Bunker and custom line of modular data centers. Edge MCS offers a totally engineered, PE-stamped modular data center specifically designed for edge network applications where customers require N+1 and N+2 redundancy, excellent power density and highly efficient cost of ownership. All Edge MCS modular data centers are made of rigid, lightweight concrete unmatched in durability and energy efficiency. They contain well-known & internationally available components supported by and available through, Edge MCS.

Backhaul Engineering is a single-source wireless engineering services company with more than a decade of industry experience. The wireless industry counts on us to provide high-quality engineering, design, and support services. National and local clients value our experience in the areas of path engineering, spectrum management, interference mitigation and troubleshooting as well as our unmatched installation management services. Designs are correct the first time, every time; clients benefit from trouble-free operation and increased up time.


Backhaul Engineering

Edge MCS

Edge Mission Critical Systems