Telecommunications Equipment Testing and Repair Services

Are you in need of telecommunications equipment testing and repair?

When replacement of older equipment such as routers, switches, hubs, and related telecom equipment is not an option, it’s critical to have a network of reliable and proven telecommunications equipment testing and repair service providers at your disposal. The following are common needs in the telecommunication industry:

  • Install, test or repair switching and routing equipment;
  • Test newly installed and repaired or updated equipment to make sure it is functioning properly;
  • Test components and circuits of malfunctioning telecommunications equipment;
  • Repair or replace faulty equipment; and
  • Modify existing equipment to improve performance.

Our telecommunications equipment testing and repair services allow you to identify and correct problems that may have occurred in your telecommunication equipment and systems. It requires a thorough understanding of electronic equipment such as chips, circuit boards, software, hardware and processors used for the transmission, broadcasting, operation and control of telecommunications systems.

Over the years Diversitec has developed an onsite, fully staffed lab that is used for testing the telecommunications equipment technologies we sell and support. And for those technologies we don’t sell or support, a network of leading service providers is available through Diversitec to meet your equipment service requirements. Contact us and you’ll get cost effective and timely service from our skilled staff and/or via our network of qualified telecom professionals.



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