Telecommunication equipment integration customization

Telecommunications Equipment Integration Customization

Telecommunication equipment integration customization can include manufacturer discontinued cards and new AC / DC / Telecom and data transmission equipment. For more than a decade, we have commonly assembled and tested such equipment at our facility. Our Virtual Warehousing services align inventory at our facilities into your electronic inventory control systems. You can dramatically shorten your engineer’s installation time using our kitting services.

Through our System Integration Services, we build specified rack and cabinet configurations that ship complete, tested, and ready to install.

Load testing is also important, and we load test every power system that ships from our dock. As a result of our service and our commitment to execution, we are known by many as the “Vendor of Choice” for our telecommunications and DC power clients. Here are a few examples of our telecommunication equipment integration and customracks and cabinets prepared in our shop for rapid shipment to our clients:

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