Emergence of 5G Transforming Networks Edge Computing

Faster data processing and the need to reduce latency is placing significant demands on infrastructure that enables data processing as close to the source as possible. Edge computing is at the forefront to improve customer experiences. With medical monitoring wearables, self-driving automobiles, and the use of IoT applications in industrial settings, latency in data processing is a critical, if not a life or death, situation. It is predicted that internet providers will add edge data centers near 5G towers as a means of creating better access. Without a doubt, 5G will require more edge computing networks.

The high volumes of data and the need for speed is going to require new devices, antennas, and applications for wireless data management and it will require a focus on edge computing expansion. For those looking for more on this topic, stop on over at Network World for a good read, Why 5G is bringing edge computing and automation front and center.

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