Diversitec Air Filter Solutions

With a nearly 100% in-stock position on our customers’ air filter needs, you can count on getting filters quickly. A wide range of filters is stock at very competitive pricing. Our air filter inventory system is built in a database organized by system, manufacturer, filter measurements, part number, and description of a wide range of filters. Missing a part or reference number on your filter? No problem – our air filter database makes it easy. If you can provide the filter measurements, we can tell right away if it is a model that we stock.

Automated Air Filter Delivery Program

The program benefits are summarized below.

Diversitec offers a free service around air filter delivery called the Diversitec Automated Filter Program. This comprehensive service takes the guesswork out of filter procurement. You can get filters shipped in any quantity, on any specific date(s), to any location nationally. You can lock pricing for your filter needs for 6, 12 or 24 months and when they are to arrive. You can pay either using a P-Card or through a standard PO process. Most importantly, you get this service for free when you have a Contract Pricing Agreement.

Our Automated Filter Delivery is a FREE SERVICE!
  • You can order any quantity of filters needed
  • We offer Filter Kits in quantities of 10, 20, or 50 filters to a box
  • UPS Ground delivery anywhere in the US
  • Contract pricing available to lock costs for 6, 12, or 24 months
  • Filters arrive where, when, and exactly as requested per preset schedules
  • You can request a 7-day advance email notification to the location for engineering planning
  • Every filter is clearly marked with a Part Number eliminating “field guessing”
  • Custom filter manufacturing is available

At Diversitec, we strive to meet or exceed your daily business performance expectations. Contact us and you'll receive what you need and exceptional customer service.